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If you want more free traffic and more sales... start using this FREE tool to
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In less time than it would take you to write ONE article... you can creates 100's ,
even 1000's of different articles- quickly, easily, without doing any extra work.

Dear online marketer,


It's the lifeblood of ANY internet business.

In fact, a site without traffic is like a restaurant in the desert. NO customers and no sales.
But... the more traffic you get... the more sales and money you can make.

Now, since most online marketers KNOW that traffic is THE key to their internet business...
they turn to things like pay per click traffic or other paid methods.

There's NO doubt that pay per click is a proven way to get traffic... but it's getting more and
more expensive. Some keywords relating to mainstream offers can cost $5 to $10 per click!
You can't spend that when you're selling a $50 product... or your profit would be too small.

That's why smart marketers are using article marketing to get FREE traffic.

Without a doubt, writing articles is THE best way to get traffic on a shoestring budget.
When you write articles... it acts as 'search engine bait' and helps you get ranked higher.

You can also submit articles to all the high ranking article directories and use those links to
improve rankings. Once you get articles on sites like and
search engines rank you higher because of quality links from these directories.

But there is a downside to writing articles. It can take weeks for you to write enough of
them to make it worthwhile. And it's boring, tedious, and time consuming.

Sure, you can hire others to write them... but just prepared to spend a lot of money. $5 to $10
per article is the going rate these days... and that can add up quick.

But now... there's a faster, easier way to get a huge amount of quality, unique articles for your
site... getting plenty of backlinks from that content. What's more, instead of paying $5
per article... you can get high-quality, readable articles for LESS THAN A PENNY!

These are articles that can be read and understood by human readers... and be considered
high quality, unique content by search engines like Google.

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'Pro' Article Spinner Allows you to...

  • Quickly create high quality content that makes you more money
  • Instantly turn one article into 1000's of unique versions with just 1-click
  • Create SEO content that increases your backlinks and rankings on Google
  • Test your articles to confirm uniqueness using our built-in duplicate check
  • Access the custom thesaurus and millions of synonyms for your custom articles
  • Generate hundreds of unique articles automatically... saving time & money

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And more features that will help you spin and create 100's of new articles in seconds!

  • Rip through whole folders of your articles and spin them all at once with batch article spinning
  • Simple and easy functionality outputs new articles in a spun version, multiple spun versions, or in Spintax
  • 1-Click user defined uniqueness per each article through user defined synonyms
  • Easily create quality articles by using our advanced synonym algorithm
  • Free lifetime updates forever - (if we add or update, you get it free for life) I'm
    constantly improving this tool and you'll get every upgrade for FREE!
  • Desktop software compatible on all Windows and Mac OS X operating systems
  • One time cost without monthly or annual payments
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Let's do some quick math.

When you hire a writer to create a good, high quality article on an outsourcing site, you're
looking at $5.00 to $10.00 per article. Any less than that and you're going to get articles that
aren't written well enough for people to read them.

So, over time, that will cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Well, if you're going to
pay that, you'd better have a deep pocket and proven sales funnel.

But now, using Pro Article Spinner, you can get 1,000's of unique, quality content for less than a
penny each!

What's going to help you get more traffic? 5 articles for $25 or 1,000 articles for less than a penny each?

Imagine the links you get with 1,000 articles being submitted to the article directories?
Imagine the traffic you get with 1,000 high quality articles being found and ranked by Google.

Imagine how much money you make when you start adding 1000's of pages of high quality
content to your site... content that gets links from article directories and ranked by Google.

Let's say, on average, that 100 visitors to your site brings you $50 in income.

If you're getting 500 clicks a day right now, and making $40,000 a year online... this tool can
help you get 3,000 to 4,000 clicks per day and over $150,000... $200,000 or more in sales!
And better yet, you're paying less than ONE PENNY for each unique article!

Pro Article Spinner will save you time, since you can create 1,000's of articles in a matter of
minutes. It will also save you a ton of money, since you're no longer spending $5 per article.

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If you're ready to work smarter, not harder.. you need Pro Article Spinner. Because now you
can multiply your efforts by 10 times, 20 times, 50 times or more!

This will do the work of 10, 20 even 30 article writers in 1 hour. That means you get 30 times
the content, 30 times the traffic, and 30 times the sales and profits.

What would you rather do... spend an hour writing one article... or create 1,000 unique, high
quality articles in that same amount of time? Honestly, Pro Article Spinner will produce more
articles for you in an hour than what 100 writers could write in days.

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  • Huge Custom Thesaurus - Millions Of Synonyms & Growing Every Day
  • Easiest to use and Most Automated Article Spinner Available
  • Offers the most features for the lowest price of all the article spinners
  • Batch Spinning - Fully Automated Spinning Of Whole Folders Of Articles In Seconds
  • Create 1000's of unique versions of one article or multiple versions of many Articles
  • Assisted Spinner - Simple 2-Click Spinning To Create High Quality Content
  • Duplicate content checker confirms articles are seen as unique to search engines
  • Lifetime Software Updates And Customer Support
  • Compatible with both Windows PC and Mac Os X- that's right, a Mac article spinner!
  • Create high quality content quickly and for less than a penny each article!
  • Create sites using the highest quality content to rank on page 1 of Google
  • Funnel 1000's of targeted visitors to your site or offer with quality articles
  • Tiny, one-time investment means you'll make your money back in hours
  • Save hours of time by create new articles easily and quickly
  • Quickly output multiple unique, human readable articles from one single article
  • Maintain keyword dense SEO articles to rank HIGH in Google
  • Produce unlimited amounts of free high quality articles to drive traffic to your websites

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Check out this example of an article with over 30 Copyscape results spun into a new unique,
high quality article with just 2 simple steps.

(Scroll Through The Images)

No more writing articles by hand... or spending $5 to $10 per article. Use Pro Article Spinner
to leverage your traffic generating methods to generate a huge stream of targeted visitors to
your site... exploding your sales and profits in the process.

Using high-quality pages on your site that have amazing content will help you get ranked
higher on Google, and also help you get more traffic. That's right...quality content and backlinks
are important factors when it comes to ranking on Google.

Well...backlinks happen naturally when you submit articles to some of the top directories.

Quality content brings more traffic, and that extra traffic will bring even more traffic and love
from Google. And of course, the extra traffic means more sales and profits in your pocket.

Article Spinner is a perfect tool for any internet marketer who'd like to increase their traffic and
sales... without ANY extra money and almost zero work on your part.

You can use Pro Article Spinner to gain leverage and "set the traffic snowball in motion" so
traffic continues to grow and gather more momentum and leverage. And it grows without
spending time on writing hundreds of more articles, continuous SEO or money on PPC.

In other words, Pro Article Spinner will get you MORE traffic from each article you write. You
can take one article and use it to grow your traffic exponentially without doing any work or
spending much money. It's possible and Pro Article Spinner does it for you.

Pro Article Spinner is THE most cost-effective way to make money online these days. It can
save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in PPC and on outsourcing articles.

Think about this... if the only thing that Pro Article Spinner did was create content that helped
you rank on page one of Google... and bank $500 to $1000 each and every day... it would be
worth at least $1,000, right? And if the only thing it did was save you money on paid traffic...
and saved you money from not having to pay $5 per article... that's worth $1,000?

The good news is... this software does every one of those things and more! And now there's
even BETTER news... Pro Article Spinner is currently FREE to try!

That's right, don't even make up your mind right now. Just go ahead and try it out and take it
for a spin.

I KNOW first-hand it works and that it will work for you too. So go ahead and try it so you
can see the power and profit potential of it.

Oh, but a quick warning... I don't want to dilute the power of this software by putting it in too
many hands. This is ONLY available for a limited-time so act quickly if you want free access!

If you're ready to rank high up in search engines and generate a ton of free, targeted traffic to
your site... so you increase your sales, profits, and cash flow while you increase back links to
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This is a wonderful Spinning software. I love the Pro version. It makes creating unique articles so easy.


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For the price, I'm so satisfied with the quality, speed, and how easy this Spinner is to use. Super job.


So you're not ready to make up your mind right now?
Just go ahead and try it out and take it for a spin.

I KNOW first-hand it works and that it will work for you too. So go ahead and try it so you can
see the power and profit potential of it.

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